youresofancy: I'll be in New York next week!!!! Please say you're staying until Thursday (or longer)? We could have coffee!

Awww, that would’ve been lovely, but I went to New York in February, earlier this year - haven’t updated my tumblr for ages!! - so I’m back home in England now (sucks!) Hope you have a fantastic time though, I’m extremely jealous, I’d do anything to go back!! xx

Underwater - Allison Harvard

This is beautiful yet awful, at the same time

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hello large world.

I know I hardly ever write on here and really I should drop by and say ‘hi’ every once in a while because after all, I’ve chosen to keep this blog, so perhaps instead of wasting this little part of the internet I have, in making this virtual scrapbook, I should try to ‘entertain’ more often. So, I’m not going to talk about this ‘blog’, although, I possibly should do as it kind of defeats the object of what I am saying above, but hey ho - my justification to everything recently - so yes, what am I doing right now? I sense your all wondering… well, I’m editing my Blogspot to make sure it’s in tip-top condition. I get easily bored by layouts and designs too frequently, that’s why once I’m finished over in my other blog land, I’m going to chill over on Tumblr for a while and sort out this diary/scrapbook thing it’s turned into over the past couple of months. I really don’t want this to degrade, yet again, like the past two Tumblr’s I’ve kept, it actually happened because I just kept posting pretty pictures, which is kind of the point of Tumblr as I know from previous experiences, and if I want a picture, Tumblr is usually one of my first points of call, as I know I’ll get what I want - thank you taggers! - but I want it to be more than that, and that’s why I’m always constantly plagued by the thought that I should be doing more…

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